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At  the  nexus  of  justice,  equity, dignity,  inclusion  and  sustainability  is your  next  breakthrough  to  business  growth  and  global  prosperity  for  all.



UTU Social Impact Investment Fund

in support of the Quilombola people of the Amazon

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At Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, our mission is to serve as a catalyst for innovative ideas and solutions among C-Suite executives, senior level professionals, and thought leaders who are on the front lines of building a sustainable and inclusive global economy. Meet our global network of experts in direct impact industries from technology, energy, communications, financial services, healthcare, food, agriculture, travel, culture and fashion and more. Share insights, experiences and values, make new friends, and leave with inspired ideas and global access to resources for your business future. Join us!

Recommended Reading:

   “The Sum Of Us”

by Heather McGhee


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