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Leadership Starts At The Top



CEO (Chief Excitement Officer), Consultant, Board Advisor, Speaker, Advocate, Author


Transformational Leadership Vision

“My goal when I first started IBIS Communications in 1993 was to create a firm driven by human value, that would dismantle the status quo and create a world without borders. Through my work as a global citizen and as the engine behind IBIS Communications, everyone is afforded access to the people, places, and experiences that inspire personal and business growth and leadership.”

– MaryAnne Howland

There are some things that I’ve learned along the way from people in all parts of the world, that have risen to the height of a calling, with ideas and lessons worth sharing. I’d love to share them with you.

“It’s more than a book, it’s a movement”
– Sara Carder, Chief Editor, Penguin Random House



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  • Human Value
    Whether in the form of a talk or a workshop, I invite you to spend a moment in a safe and open environment to listen to a personal story and share your own for a moment of rediscovery of our own human value. Caution: participants in this experiment are required to slow down and smell the roses. For groups of any size.
  • Conscious Consumerism
    As change agents, we have two game-changing mechanisms: our vote and our dollar. This social enterprise workshop and/or curriculum for colleges, universities introduces students to the power we have as consumers to impact business and the economy with our every spending decision. Students learn spending and investing in a way that can shift our global economy toward moral leadership, responsible ownership and empowerment in our local communities. Research conducted by students during the course is university owned and branded and is ready packaged as a shareable deliverable for community service.

“Human Value” at 2019 ACA National Conference, February 22, Nashville

“In a time with so much animosity and hate, love and light is more important than ever.  I vow to do all I can to spread my love and light to ALL human beings I encounter.  I can;t wait to do big things and tell you all about them, you made ACA the unforgettable experience that it was, truly.” – Lexi, Attendee

NACD Global Board Leaders’ Summit, Sept 21- 24, 2019, Washington, DC

National Citizen Leadership Conference, Oct 19-21, Washington, DC

Warrior Rising: How Four Men Helped a Boy On His Journey to Manhood, March 9, 2020 New York

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