The only truly measurable form of advertising, our direct marketing effort begins with setting goals for desired results. Based on the desired bottom-line profit at a particular price point, we determine how many people we need to reach by using the following formula: multiplying an average response rate based on some history for the target market times the market universe. Once we know how many people we need to reach, we define our resources (mail lists, television, radio, print, Internet) that can deliver the audience demos and the numbers.

It is also important to, as much as we can, narrowly define our target audience demographic and psychographic. Understanding interests, buying behaviors, cultural values, education and income levels, etc., assist in shaping and communicating the message more effectively. The more we know about our target market, the more precise and sensitive we can be in our creative and offer sell, which typically result in higher response rates.

One of the best benefits of direct marketing is the ability to effectively test product positioning, creative, and offer sell to determine which works best in the marketplace. The results of market testing are valuable to the development of other aspects of a comprehensive marketing campaign including public relations, and print and broadcast advertising message and placement.

Ibis has developed a national reputation for successful direct marketing campaign development and creative for companies such as Time Life Music, Columbia House Music and Integrity Music, Essence, Upscale, and Vibe magazines, First American National Bank and BET Action Pay Per View. We developed Folio Gold award-winning direct mail creative for Money and Working Woman magazines, and the “most successful direct mail package for an entire music collection” (according to Time Life Music Director Martin Shampaine) for our package redesign, urban market positioning, and direct mail creative for the Solid Gold Soul 20-CD collection.

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Ibis Communications
Ibis Communications