On Becoming a Green Business

Green is a state of mind, a consciousness, and a movement.

Green is new and fun. It’s light. It’s airy. It’s inexpensive. It’s healthy. It’s fresh. It’s life-saving. Horseback riding. Paper bags. Walking. Bicycling. Recycling. Filtered tap water. Insulation. Trees. Conversation. Public transportation. Printing double-sided. Dishes and flatware instead of paper or plastic. 72 degrees. Less of everything material. More of everything natural. Home cooking. Local products. Volunteering. Cloth diapers. Rechargeable batteries. 65 mph. Doing it yourself.

In business, it’s also a network of clients and vendors who are committed to the business of green. It’s working together to harness efficiencies and nurture new ideas that have as much environmental impact as they do the bottomline. It’s core to the business of what you do, and what you pay for, even if it means a change in the way you do business and with whom you do business. It is a willingness to look at all projects and decisions with an eye toward the environment. It’s being an agent for change.


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Ibis Communications