Diverse, Inclusive and Green

The Ibis is the bird of wisdom and symbol of knowledge, an omen of good things to come, the mythical scribe of powerful, transformative and beautiful messages. That’s the Ibis specialty, reaching niche markets across a broad spectrum of demographics, with fluent, resonant, and persuasive communications.

Who are we? We are writers, artists, strategists, media masters, computer geeks, philosophers, visionaries, baby-boomers, echo-boomers, vegetarians, meat eaters, bikers, golfers, bowlers, skiers, pet lovers, and yes, even a couple of wannabe rock stars. Like birds of a feather, we have flocked here from major cities and small towns to bring a multicultural, multi-perspective blend of creative and strategic talent to every solution.

We are specialists, linguists, if you will, when it comes to communicating to a diverse community. We’ve taken the best of our professional experiences and poured them into our own melting pot. Our creative solutions come by tapping into that collective cauldron of knowledge. When working together, or collaborating with outside professionals, we celebrate differences. And there’s nothing more euphoric than when a myriad of ideas evolves into one universal concept in which we all can believe and embrace.


Ibis Communications
Ibis Communications